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Paper Roll Clamp
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Paper Roll Clamp
Product detail

Paper roll clamp can in all kinds of paper roll for efficient, safe no tray transportation and stacking operation, and clamping roll continuous rotate 360 degrees, convenient paper roll of horizontal and vertical exchange operation, widely used in papermaking, cartons, packaging, printing, ports and other round object of half a year and handling.

* reasonable design, compact structure, good vision, night in operation, long service life, satisfies the customer the high strength and continuous operation.

* the clamp arm surface smooth, small thickness, reduce or avoid the roll breakage.

* plywood adopts integral casting structure, wear resistance, long service life.

* 360 degrees two-way continuous rotation function, any Angle position self-locking function.

* stable speed reducer, connecting hydraulic motor, ensures the stability of the rotating assignments.


Note: 1. actual forklift / gear capacity, please obtain from forklift truck manufacturer

In the 2. type, "a" stands for "RCF", that is, the fixed frame is fixed and the short arm type requires 2 additional oil circuits to be added to the forklift.

"B" means "RCP", that is, fixed frame, adjustable short arm type, requiring forklift to add 2 sets of additional oil circuit.

3. stacking height is greater than 6800mm, the use of 0 degrees of installation angle.

4. non standard plywood suitable for different roll holding requirements according to user's requirements.

Paper Roll Clamps roll holder

Separate clip arm roll folder Split, Long, Arm


Note: 1. actual forklift / gear capacity, please obtain from forklift truck manufacturer

2. require forklift to add 2 sets of additional oil circuit

The 3. model rear note has an adjustable short arm type paper roll holder, and the rest is a stationary short arm roll holder

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