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Carton Clamp
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Carton Clamp
Product detail

Carton clamp is mainly used in storage, home appliances, electronics, papermaking, printing, carton round object such as loading and unloading and handling. Needed goods are packed in cartons without pallet handling piling work.  

* carton clamp has many big panel, can be used in different working condition requirements.

* it can choose small stripe type offset, increase the coefficient of friction, any goods safety.

* with the operation of the superior vision.

* it can be configured visual pressure gauge, easy to control oil pressure coefficient.

* configuration intelligent valve, can automatically adjust the hydraulic flow.blob.png


Note: 1. all carton clips can be moved side by side; 2 additional oil circuits shall be added to the forklift.

More than 2. of the price includes four gear pressure regulating valve.

3. for other sizes (Zhang arm, arm, arm length) of the carton, please contact with sales representative JISTELL Bentley clip.


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