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Foam Rubber Clamp
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Foam Rubber Clamp
Product detail

Sponge clamp is suitable for rubber, chemical industry, chemical fiber, etc without pallet handling. Apply Yu Haimian, rubber, foam board and other soft goods industries such as handling operations.

* reasonable E groove design, the use of sliding in the process of the effect is good, improve the work efficiency.

* the built-in side shifter, increase the amount of lateral easy operation.

* aluminum alloy guide groove, reduce product from quantity, use agile, increase the service life of the forklift truck.

* configuration, the pressure control valve to prevent pipeline burst at the cargo damage.

* reasonable hydraulic components design and durability.blob.pngblob.png

Note: 1. actual forklift / gear capacity, please obtain from forklift truck manufacturer

2. forklift trucks need to add 2 additional oil circuit

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