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Block Clamp
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Brick clamps
Product detail

Brick clamping unit can safely and efficiently and holding all kinds of stone and brick, is suitable for the floor tile, concrete bricks, stone, graphite, etc without pallet handling and stacking.

* overall framework adopts full steel structure, high strength, can meet the needs of the user high strength work.

* the choice of independent slip mechanism, guarantee in any clamping size, have 100 mm around each lateral capacity, easy operation.

* to optimize the structure of the layout to ensure a good field of vision.

* use T sliding pair, to receive strength evenly in high strength, long service life.

* use removable type article wear-resisting, easy to change after the wear and tear, economical and practical.

下抓式 Overhead B look Clamp



Note: 1. actual forklift / gear capacity, please obtain from forklift factory

2. ask forklift to add 2 additional road along the road

3. the form of installation depends on the specific form of fork truck fork

Brick folder, Block, Clamps

One way swing


Note: model: side shift, increase the additional 2 groups of oil circuit

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