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Rotator to rotate or flip the empty container to 360 ° fast flip. Widely used in food, chemical industry, sanitation, items, recycling, smelting, casting and other industries. And any need to flip the occasion of hopper or box.

* high strength structural design, the unique rotating drive device, satisfy the user's high strength and continuous operation

* reduction gear and hydraulic motor to hide at the back of the hangs Taiwan, at the same time the center window design, make the product has a good field of vision

* strong implements the rotation of the driving torque to the rotation of the stable and reliable goods movements

* hydraulic motor installation two-way hydraulic lock, in any Angle position self-locking, safe and reliableblob.png



Note: 1. actual forklift / gear capacity, please obtain from forklift truck manufacturer.

2. require forklift to add 1 sets of additional oil circuit.

3. according to user needs and goods fork. Please pay attention to the carrying capacity of fork.

The 4. part is equipped with a rotating beam for positioning block is fixed fork, the actual mount, please according to the fork width adjustment with the positioning block, select one of the mating surfaces, the fork can be tightly fixed, prevent the load when rotating, the fork on the beam to move up and down.

5. for the incidental hook of the rotator type, the distribution must be properly welded with hook fork.

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