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Xiamen Juteli Forklift Truck Attachment Co. Ltd.'s

Tel: 0592-6367950

Fax: 0592-6367951

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Add:Xiamen City Jimei District Xinglin Road 66, one of the B unit

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Xiamen forklift truck Co. Ltd. poly Bentley

Address: Jimei District of Xiamen City Xinglin West Road No. 66 unit of B

Tel: 0592-6367950 Fax: 0592-6367951

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Zhejiang region: LV manager, 13777882321, East China area: Manager Ho, 13851637842

Henan region: Manager Zhang, 15993533602

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Company website: www.xmjtljx.com烟箱夹 (4).jpg

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Become a world-class logistics handling equipment manufacturers