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Forklift accessories requirements

    Please note that each type of flow and pressure requirements, the working pressure should not exceed its maximum. In order to optimize the performance of the data, please follow the recommended flow value of the forklift truck oil supply settings.

    If there are special performance parameters, such as a variety of pressure settings, etc., need to add other auxiliary devices.

Has a joint status

    The standard configuration of the port connector is in the form of a national standard seal (thread size M18 x 1.5). If you need to use a special form of connection, please contact the sales force representative.

Bearing capacity

    The bearing capacity is only a measure of the structural performance of a parameter, the actual comprehensive carrying capacity also depends on the handling of goods, conditions and forklift carrying capacity. Accurate forklift / data integrated carrying capacity, please get from the forklift factory. The values calculated in accordance with the Forklift / Equipped Carrying Capacity formula listed on page IV of this manual are estimates and are for information purposes only.

Equivalent installation level

    The installation grade refers to the type of mounting hook on the back of the product. Standard products are equipped with these hooks, requiring forklift fork fork in line with international standards in order to correctly mount the connection.

The installation level is as follows:


Note: If you need to install the non-standard fork in the frame, please in advance to the Xiamen Ju force forklift Co., Ltd. Sales Co., Ltd. for the relevant matters.


Quality assurance policy

    Thank you for choosing a special force forklift product, in order to fully protect your interests, please carefully read the quality assurance policy. Xiamen Julei Forklift Co., Ltd.: to ensure that its products meet the company's effective purchase and sale contracts, quotations, product manuals listed in the performance parameters of the requirements.

    Xiamen Ju force forklift Co., Ltd. products: The company's products are divided into three categories that is new, "Green Meng" series of products and repair pieces. Including accessories, side shifter, reel and maintenance accessories.

Quality assurance period:

    1. New pieces: Xiamen Ju force forklift Co., Ltd. Cargo first carrier from the date of twelve months or use 2000 hours. Those who have mentioned the above two terms shall prevail.

    2. Green Meng series of products: Xiamen Ju force forklift Co., Ltd. Cargo first carrier from the date of six months.

    3. Repair parts: Xiamen Ju force forklift truck Co., Ltd. Cargo first carrier from the date of six months.

    The meaning of this Policy "Quality Assurance" is that the Xiamen Teresa Forklift GmbH will repair the replacement of any parts that have been defective in the material or manufacturing process after the inspection of its authorized authorized personnel.

The purchaser, the end user, should:

    1. In order to make the work of Xiamen Jiali Forklift Co., Ltd., the purchaser and the end user must install, debug, use and maintain the product in strict accordance with the relevant installation instructions. Specifications, operating instructions and maintenance manuals.

    2. The purchaser and the end user may repair the product of the company, but can not remove or replace the parts of the product, only after obtaining the written authorization of Xiamen Judu Forklift GmbH.

    3. Any repair, alteration, or use of non-Xiamen Juru Forklift Co., Ltd. in the absence of a written authorization from Xiamen Jialu Forklift Co., Ltd., or in violation of the poly The relevant requirements in the installation instructions, inspection specifications, operating instructions and maintenance manuals will result in the loss of the right to the quality assurance policy.


    1. Xiamen Juyi Forklift Co., Ltd. for the use of its products to change the product beyond the applicable conditions of special operations caused by damage to the product or any non-normal conditions are not warranty.

    2. When the purchaser or the end user has or has not owned but has begun to use the company's products, the product is lost, the use of the product in the life or property caused by loss or damage (including indirect loss or damage), Xiamen Do not forklift truck limited liability company are not responsible.

    3. The normal use of the product wear and tear, consumption, not according to Xiamen Ju force forklift with a limited company operating guidelines for non-normal use, as well as normal or regular maintenance work, do not enjoy the quality assurance policy.

    4. The quality assurance policy shall not be enjoyed beyond the relevant provisions of the product as described in the purchase and sale contract of Xiamen Jiali Forklift Co., Ltd. beyond the contents of this quality guarantee policy.

important hint:

    If you need further information on the products or installation and repair of Xiamen Jiali Forklift Co., Ltd., please contact the forklift main unit or its agent for the product. Xiamen Ju force forklift GmbH is also very happy to answer any questions you have in this regard.

Please contact: Ju force (Xiamen) Forklift Co., Ltd. Service and Accessories Department Tel 0592-6367950

This Quality Assurance Policy takes effect on July 1, 2012. This policy has been in effect until the new quality assurance policy is introduced. Xiamen Juyi Forklift Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes to this policy, and will not be notified.


refund policy

    Forklifts are specialized machinery and equipment that are fitted to forklifts of specified tonnage and installation grade for proper cargo form and weight.

    Therefore, before signing the sales contract, the sales representatives of Judui and the sales representative of the forklift main engine plant and its distributors must make full communication and agree on how the intended sale will meet the user's description requirements.

The following policies apply to products that are not subject to product quality problems.

    If you need a return, please sell the product forklift main factory or agent to contact the sales force representative to obtain a return license.

    All return applications must be returned with the "return permit" and bear the cost of shipping, packing (round trip), product inspection and identification fees and related labor, management expenses, and missing parts (calculated in real terms) Wait. If damaged in the transport process, the returnee also bear the cost of repair (in real terms).

In any of the following circumstances, will refuse to return:

● Used products

● changed products

● Designed specifically for users

● More than 60 days from date of delivery by our company

● Products that are not returned by contract

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